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Computerised Accounting

Quality Assuring Body : Chartered Institute of Business Managers & Softline Pastel
Duration: 12 Weeks Part Time

Course Outline


Every business needs an accountant or bookkeeper and that is why there is always a demand for them. This course will teach you the principles of bookkeeping and how to write up a set of books to trial balance. On the basis that almost every business has some form of computerisation, this course will also teach you how to keep a computerised set of financial records using the most popular package in the SME sector, Pastel Accounting. On completion of this course you will be able to write up financial records for small to medium sized businesses or even be employed as a Bookkeeper in commerce and industry. Alternatively, you may want to write up books for your own business, if you are a business person. The bookkeeping course has been endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Business Management (CIBM), and the Pastel course is authorised by Softline Pastel. You will receive two certificates, one for Bookkeeping endorsed
by the CIBM and the other from Pastel SA.
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