Payroll and SARS Returns (ICB)

Payroll and SARS Returns (ICB)


This skills programme will revise the manual monthly bookkeeping function. It will introduce learners to payroll and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as well as basic business ethics. Learners will be able to complete the payroll function from the bookkeeping perspective. A learner will be able to complete the SARS payroll returns (EMP201, IRP 5, IT3a, IRP501). Learners will also be able to complete the VAT201 return.

A Grade 10 certificate or an equivalent Level 2 qualification (with accounting) as registered on the NQF.
Ideally learners should have completed the skills programme entitled ‘Junior Bookkeeper: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance’ before enrolling for this programme.

Upon successful completion of the programme, learners will receive an ICB results letter outlining the unit standards covered and the ICB will apply to FASSET on the learner’s behalf for certification against the relevant qualification once all the relevant skills programmes have been completed.


  • Prepare salaries
  • Prepare wages
  • Complete PAYE documents
  • Perform Value Added Tax Calculations and complete returns
  • Record business financial transactions
  • Comply with organisational ethics
  • Make and record payments
  • Prepare ledger balances and initial trial Balance

Learners will be assessed on a completed ICB PoE containing three formative activities (assignments), two formative evaluations (tests) and a summative assessment (final exam).

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