Income Tax Training (ICB)

Income Tax Training (ICB)


This income tax training skills programme involves a thorough study of taxation. Learners will be able to compute taxable income and tax payable for individuals and businesses, submit tax returns, acquire a working knowledge
of estate duty and provide taxation planning advice to clients.


A Grade 12 certificate or an equivalent Level 4 qualification (with accounting) as registered on the NQF. Ideally learners should have completed the skills programmes entitled ‘Junior Bookkeeper: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance’ and ‘Senior Bookkeeper: Financial Statements’ before enrolling for this programme.

The ICB certification series provides carefully constructed career paths to become a professional Bookkeeper and/or Technical Financial Accountant. The recommended approach is to complete the seven core skills programmes in the order in which they appear on the career certification programme, but this is not a pre-requisite.


Upon successful completion of the programme, learners will receive an ICB results letter outlining the unit standards covered and the ICB will apply to FASSET on the learner’s behalf for the Further Education and Training Certificate in Bookkeeping to be awarded.


  • Prepare business tax returns
  • Prepare personal tax returns
  • Determine what taxable income is
  • Interpret and apply the laws and procedures relating to the duty which is levied on the estates of deceased persons
  • Interpret and apply the laws and procedures related to taxes levied


Learners will be assessed on a completed ICB PoE containing three formative activities (assignments), two
formative evaluations (tests) and a summative assessment (final exam).

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